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New Home Construction

Your custom home should reflect your taste and lifestyle. At W Development Group we firmly believe that your needs and wants should dictate the products and designs that go into your dream home. You can take advantage of the services of our designers to create your special dream home. Your Personal Design, Our exceptional quality….. When you choose to build your custom dream home with us, you will experience quality building and have in-house designers and home consultants that constanly pool their collective experience and creativity to assit the search for the perfect products and desings that speaks to your individuality.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the gathering place of any home. It is in the kitchen that meals are prepared, secrets are shared, and love is put into the food that keeps the family going. The kitchen plays an important role in your home and in your family life so it should be everything you want it to be, that is both functional and comfortable. Remodeling a kitchen can be great fun. It offers the opportunity to create a more energy-efficient kitchen and to create a space where the family can relax. Whether your remodel is simple or you want to create a gourmet super-kitchen, you can count on adding to the value of your home as you create a warm and functional family space. A kitchen remodeling project can be as simple as new window and wall treatments, new flooring, or new cabinets. Or you can create the gourmet kitchen/family room that is so popular today.

Exterior Home Renovations

Most people concentrate so much on interior home renovations that the exterior is all but forgotten. Show the outside of your home a little love by making a few renovations on the outside and increase and watch your homes value increase! We take pride in the quality of our work, and the willingness to perform even the most menial tasks to remove project obstacles and get the job done. If you agree that well-managed projects should exceed customers’ expectations in terms of quality and service, we should talk. Here are a few examples of how we can help increase the value of your home: New siding: Installing new siding changes the entire look of your house and makes it look like new again. The average ROI for new siding is around 92 percent. Repainting the exterior: It’s a big job, but one we can definitely do for you with an estimated ROI of 90 percent. Landscaping: Making your lawn and yard beautiful has an estimated ROI of 30 to 50 percent.

New Stable Construction

When one thinks of keeping horses, a vision centers on the stable. Horses are housed in stables for many reasons but they seem to fall into three general categories that include human convenience, providing a less severe environment than experienced outdoors, and tradition. The first two reasons are related to providing an environment where the handler is comfortable working and the horses are efficiently cared for. The environment and management of the stable is designed to be an improvement over outdoor conditions or the horse will be disadvantaged by being in a stable. The third reason, tradition, started when we housed horses for some type of “work” however as times have changed many horses are kept in suburban settings for recreation. This is fine however we must now consider that stables were originally designed for the horses to rest and sleep. Keep in mind that some modern horses are often inactive most of the day and confined to a stall. W Development Group has the experience needed to build you a custom stable that satisfies your need for convenience and more importantly provides a comfortable environment for the horse.

Bathroom Remodeling

You might be thinking about a bathroom remodel for any of a number of reasons: You need more space or functionality You need a second sink You want to provide a little more privacy when two people are in the bathroom at the same time You want to make your bathroom safer You want to make your bathroom accessible to people with disabilities You want to update or modernize your bathroom You want to create your own spa in the privacy of your own home You want to add a shower You want to add a whirlpool tub You want a linen closet in the bathroom You are getting your house ready to sell You just want a little change Whatever your reason may be, W Development has the experience and resources to help!

New Additions

Are you thinking about a room addition? Does the kitchen need to be bigger? Or maybe it would be nice to have a bigger family room or dining room? Often times, a room addition or a second story addition is an inexpensive way to increase your living space while improving your quality of life. Whether you expect your family to grow or you would like to boost the resale value of your home, we can design and build the perfect room addition for your home. W Development Group consists of skilled team members who have a wealth of experience in all phases of construction. The key to a good room addition design is to make it look as if it was always part of the original structure. We have extensive knowledge and experience with room additions and second story home additions, and we promise to get the job done on time and on budget.